Wednesday Briefs

Wednesday Briefs is a weekly micro flash fiction writing challenge in which participants write short stories based on randomly presented prompts, either in the form of words or images. Pieces are to be between 500 and 1,000 words, and can either be stand-alone pieces or chapters of a larger story. Prompts, when used, are in parentheses after the story title, unless a multi-part original fiction story.

Original fiction:

Torch Song for a Night Ride (train, it’s good to have dreams)
Woman Made of Snow (yokai)
Bolero (man with a guitar, fantastic creature)
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973. (can you give me a hand here?)
Slug Love (I asked you not to tell me that)

Washed Right Out (multi-prompt series) (links to master list) (to be finished)
Disassembly Required (multi-prompt series) (links to part 1) (currently running)

Fan fiction:

Soul Eater: In Sickness – Part 1 (stomach, claws, blankets), Part 2 (stitches)

Kuroshitsuji: Spice and Butler (spices in an Indian market)

The Adventure Zone: Under A Clear, Dark Sky

Hamilton: Weehawken, Take Two (“Don’t you know there is no justice?”; “Forget it, this was a mistake.”)

Game Grumps/MBMBAM: Grump Quest (did you see that?; harpsichord) (to be finished)

LOST: Still Alive – Part 1 (islands, shadows), Part 2 (plane, long day’s journey into night) (to be finished)
Jersey Number 23 (Tour de France)
Lift Up Your Eyes And Look North (did you hear something?, have a character fall)
The Runner (have a character jogging)
Playing House (character pay the bills)
Inter Somnia (sorry, I must have dozed off for a second)
Constants and Variables (multi-chapter story; links to previous chapters in link) (to be finished)
Mean Mean Pride (stop acting like an ass)
Adrift, Again (time heals all wounds, orchids)