GA Projects/Training

Below is the full documentation of the work and training I did as a pre-professional graduate assistant at the Grainger Engineering Library at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, from August 2017 to August 2018. My supervisors were Alexandra Krogman, Mary Schlembach, and Bill Mischo. Other names are of fellow GAs and staff members who may or may not still work at the engineering library.

8/28: Started PSED Overview
8/29: Finished PSED Overview; started BEAP training material/quiz
8/30: Finished BEAP training & quiz; practiced in WordPress; started Assignment 2 (Citations, Part I)
9/1: Finished Assignment 2 (Citations, Part 1)
9/5: Started Assignment 3 (Citations, Part 2)
9/6: Finished Assignment 3 (Citations, Part 2)
9/20: Started Assignment 4 (Reference Questions, Part 1)
10/2: Started Assignment 1.5 (General and Disciplinary Databases)
10/3: Completed Mandatory Ethics Training
10/4: Completed SciFinder assignment; finished Assignment 1.5 (General and Disciplinary Databases); completed corrections for Assignment 2 (Citations, Part 1)
10/16: Started corrections for Assignment 3 (Citations, Part 2)
10/17: Finished corrections for Assignment 3 (Citations, Part 2)
10/18: Started Assignment 5 (Reference Questions, Part 2)
10/25: Completed Assignment 5 (Reference Questions, Part 2)
11/7: Started Assignment 6 (Conference Proceedings) and corrections on Assignment 4 (Reference Questions, Part 1) & Assignment 5 (Reference Questions, Part 2)
11/8: Completed Assignment 6 (Conference Proceedings), corrections on Assignment 4 (Reference Questions, Part 1) & Assignment 5 (Reference Questions, Part 2)
11/13: Started corrections for Assignment 6 (Conference Proceedings)
11/16: Finished corrections to Assignment 6 (Conference Proceedings)

Group GA Training:
9/25: READ Scale
10/2: GA Donut Break (Problem Patrons)
10/9: Unaffiliated Patrons and Distance Learners
10/23: Chat Transcript Review
11/6: GA Donut Break (Resources For Specific Courses)
11/13: Patrons With Disabilities
11/27: ESL Patrons/International Patrons
12/11: Stats/US Census Information
1/29: SCOPUS and Engineering Village
2/12: Loanable Technology
2/26: National Bibliographies
3/5: Helping Students In Distress
3/26: Data Services In The Library
4/23: Ethnic Studies
5/7: Business Information

Misc. Sessions/Workshops:
3/28: Attended WordPress training.
4/11: Attended IDEALS workshop.
4/12: Attended chat reference training and evaluation session.
4/25: Attended session for academic library hiring practices.
6/4, 6/14, 6/15: Attended presentations by candidates for the Medical and Bioengineering Librarian position
6/13: Attended first information literacy webinar: “Research as Inquiry: It Starts With a Problem”
6/20: Attended second information literacy webinar: “Information Creation as a Process”
7/19: Attended fourth information literacy webinar: “Searching for Strategic Exploration – Guiding Students on Their Research Quest”
7/26: Attended fifth information literacy webinar: “Scholarship as Conversation”
8/2: Attended sixth and final information literacy webinar: “Authority is Constructed and Contextual”

At The Desk:
9/5: Looked up information for updating printing FAQ.

Grainger Brochure:
7/23: Accessed Grainger Canva account, started preliminary steps to update information and design of current Grainger brochure.
8/1: Revised Grainger brochure and sent PDF of new version to Ali; updated project workspace with new link.

Mathematics Library:
2/28: Created display case and accompanying WordPress post for upcoming talk on the history of the Fields medal.
3/12: Updated actuarial science LibGuide, published two draft blog posts, and looked up journal titles in library database for collection development purposes.
4/25-4/26: Created display case and accompanying WordPress post for the history of women in mathematics.

9/19: Learned how to use the VR Vive headset and practiced basic maneuvering with The Lab program.
4/19: Trained on the Oculus Rift and the visualization wall.
5/10: Trained on the informatics lab and the 3D printers.

TAM Reports:
Spring ’18: Me, Laurel, and Vera created a plan for the digitization of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics technical reports, including ingest into IDEALS and long-term preservation via Medusa and Oak Street.
5/29: Talked to Mary and Beth about next steps with TAM reports, created folder with documentation on the GA drive, began process of finding still-missing TAM reports and how best to organize them for metadata
5/31: Created project timeline, divided up existing TAM collection for metadata creation, updated project workspace page, started creating metadata for reports
6/4-6/7: Created metadata for four boxes of TAM master reports. Next week’s goal is to create metadata for at least five more boxes.
6/11-6/15: Created metadata for six boxes of TAM master reports. Next week’s goal is to make metadata for the bottom row of the middle shelving unit holding reports.
7/10: Finished creating metadata for boxed TAM master reports #453-#1095; now working on non-boxed/unnumbered reports.
7/16: Started creating metadata for non-boxed reports that have now been boxed and sorted through.
7/19: Created metadata for misc. reports; created Excel workbook for tracking reports that are a thesis, dissertation or reprinted elsewhere.
7/20: Updated next steps documentation with projected next steps for work that can be done during the fall semester.
7/23: Created list of reports with missing metadata that is in the inventory and is not a reprint/thesis/dissertation — currently in progress.
7/24: Continued working on filling any gaps in current metadata; created poll for final group meeting of the summer (for me).
7/26: Met with Beth to go over next steps and projected next steps for the project into the incoming semester.
7/30: Made some updates to existing documentation for clarity, created list of TAM Reports already on IDEALS for future reference, entered metadata for a report than had been previously skipped.
8/2: Finalized next steps for reports, entered some metadata entries, looked further into IDEALS’ bulk upload process and Digitization Services’ file creation processes.
8/3: Added last set of ‘missing’ reports to metadata and deleted them from list of missing reports.

Bento Search:
5/11: Updating Excel spreadsheet on examining libraries’ various Bento-style search systems.

11/9: Edited Bioengineering Research Resources LibGuide.
2/5: Attended LibGuide training.

5/7: Read documentation on how to use/update GRIPT pages and emailed Aileen for a meeting about the railroad GRIPTs page.
5/9: Met with Aileen and went over the railroad GRIPT page and how to update it using the database file.
5/10: Updated railroad GRIPT page with additional journal titles and professional organizations.
5/17: Updated railroad GRIPT page with additional databases and resources, emailed Bill about how to update page title.
5/23: Showed Rachel how to update GRIPT page and documentation for GRIPTs.
6/15: Sent out email to set up meeting next week for making a GRIPT page for an individual faculty member.
6/19: Created individual GRIPT page for faculty member
6/25: Finished edits on faculty page and emailed out link for any feedback.

Review of Acoustic Emission Collection:
5/8: Scheduled meeting with Ali and Mary to start work on project.
5/15: Met with Ali and Mary to go over the project objectives, started sorting through files in the AE cabinets.
5/21: Emailed Edward about meeting up to go over sorting out the work load and creating a timeline for Ali.
5/22-5/23: Went over sorting out work load and timeline of project with Edward; emailed Ali with rough timeline so far; continued sorting out reprints from rest of collection.

ME 470:
9/6: Started communication with the child development group; have scheduled a meeting for 9/7 at 5 pm.
9/7: Met with the child development ME 470 team and discussed databases, different search strategies, how to navigate Scopus, and the various resources available via the Grainger homepage. Have told them to expect
a follow-up email from me sometime next week.
9/12: Entered into communication with the bike design group; am working on setting up an in-person meeting and obtaining further information on their project so far.
9/13: Contacted the child development team with a quick follow-up email asking about their progress so far and if they have any questions about their research.
9/14: Heard back from child development team; they have no questions at the time. Still have not heard back from the bike team.
1/23: Started communication with cart attachment group via email; am in the process of setting up a meeting for the following week.
1/24: Scheduled meeting with cart attachment group for next Monday at 10 am.
1/29: Met with cart group and discussed research methods for their literature review, including going over the LibGuide for ME 470 and showing how Easy Search and our engineering databases work. Told them to email
me at any time if they had further questions.
1/31: Contacted by bending table group; currently working on setting up a meeting for later this week.
2/2: Met up with bending table group and discussed databases, patents and pre-prints and how to do a literature review.

Instructional Videos:
9/13: Did some preliminary research re: what UIUC videos are out there, what they normally cover, and what kind of videos about Grainger are on YouTube.
9/22: Researched other library videos online, searched for in ERIC for a future literature review, and came up with new video ideas/ways of updating past videos.
9/26: Met with Amy and discussed further actions to take on making videos and updating existing videos.
9/27: Did some research on different screencasting software and the effect of screencasts in a school setting, and studied tutorials/how-to guides for Camtasia.
10/10: Met with Amy and planned out what to do over the next week to work on updating videos and accessing more info on Camtasia.
10/11: Sent out emails about resources on Camtasia and using YouTube for Grainger videos, and worked on updating some of the pre-existing video scripts.
10/20-11/1: Performed literature review on libraries and video engagement with patrons by using various databases, emailing Dan Tracy for assistance, and researching possible usage of data analytics/YouTube Analytics
11/14: Met with Amy and emailed Ali about ideas for further projects relating to the literature review.
Fall Break: Started creating/revising Grainger in 90 videos and scripts and using Screencast-O-Matic to screencast with audio.
12/7: Recorded and edited video on Easy Search
12/14: Met with Ali, Amy, and David to discuss future plans for video series and what to work on during next week/winter break.
12/18: Wrote script for subject specialist consultation video.
1/1: Found video links for tutorials on campus VPNs, library catalog usage.
1/9: Updated subject specialist script, added subtitles to Easy Search video.
1/30: Met with Amy, David, Edward to discuss future videos and revisions on existing videos.
2/7: Revised Easy Search video; started work on Subject Specialist video.
2/13: Sent Subject Specialist script to Ali for feedback.
3/1: Met with group to set out next steps for revising videos and continuing with the project as a whole; started revising Subject Specialist script based on feedback from meeting with Ali.
3/5: Sent in revised scripts for Easy Search and Subject Specialist.
5/2: Recorded audio track for Easy Search video.
5/9: Screencast video for Easy Search and began combining audio and visuals using Adobe Premiere Pro.
5/15: Created updated video for Easy Search and emailed it to Ali, Amy, and Edward for feedback.
5/17: Met with Edward to discuss next steps for rebranding video project, looked into ideal video lengths for future screencasts, working on possible new names for video series.
5/21: Emailed Edward with rebranding ideas for video series name.
5/23: Emailed Ali with ideas for rebranded video series.
5/24: Created collaborative group document for rebranding ideas to present at a later date.
5/31: Created poll with possible video series names for people to vote on.
6/7: Emailed team with new video name, further ideas on rebranding video series.
6/11: Emailed out poll with top three names from previous poll.
6/18: Emailed video team with poll results, awaiting feedback from all members.
7/10: Sent out Doodle poll for video team meeting; awaiting responses.
7/18: Had meeting with video team and created plan for next steps in video creation.
7/23: Sent revised Easy Search script to Ali.
7/25: Meeting of video and instruction teams to talk about rebranding and revising videos and instruction sessions.
7/26: Emailed Ali with possible names for rebranding library instruction/videos.
8/1: Revised script for room reservations and saved it in folder for Fall 2018 video scripts.
8/2: Minor further revisions to room reservations script; updated and revised subject specialist script, saved in Fall 2018 video script folder.
8/3: Created list of additional video tutorials available through the university library system, saved in the Grainger 101 video folder.
Collection Development:
9/12: Looked up publisher information for open source journals that we subscribe to.
9/13: Created spreadsheet of academic journals currently owned by publisher Hindawi for Mary.

Database Info Sheets:
10/26: Emailed GA at ACES about using their database info sheet template for a possible related idea at Grainger.
10/27: Started working on flyer template, looking at other databases for their own informational flyers, and have made a list of major databases to make flyers for.
11/9: Created and emailed out survey for GAs to fill out about patron/database questions and specific database-related informational needs.
11/17: Finished mock-up of a general database handout in Microsoft Publisher.
12/1: Emailed out first official mock-up of handout for comments.
12/6: Updated design of general handout with Canva.
12/7: Handout revised on Canva now available for viewing.
1/23: Started documentation of project process and creating a possible handout covering the databases looked at by Easy Search.
2/13: Created rough draft of handout for Engineering Village based on feedback from Ali.
2/19: Finalized Engineering Village handout and emailed it to Ali.
3/1: Emailed Engineering Village to Mary, Bill, and Ali for further feedback.
3/8: Sent in revised EI handout.
4/26: Started rough draft of handout for IEEE Xplore.
4/30: Finish rough draft of IEEE Xplore handout and emailed it to Mary, Bill, and Ali for feedback.
5/24: Updated documentation to reflect current practices; started possible handout draft for SAI Global.
5/31: Created project workspace page, continued work on SAI Global handout draft.
6/4: Finished rough draft of SAI Global handout.
7/30: Updated documentation to reflect current steps and possible next steps for fall semester.

Desk Tracker:
12/4: Met with Walker to go over Desk Tracker; read over documentation and started working with Desk Tracker data in Excel
12/6: Installed Tableau onto computer and practiced making visualizations in it
12/14: Started cleaning up 2013 circulation data.
12/22: Cleaned up and uploaded visualization of 2013 circulation info to Tableau Public.
1/1: Created and started cleaning up 2012 circulation data.
1/9: Finished cleaning 2012 circulation data.
1/10: Cleaned up and created visualizations on Tableau for circulation data between 2014 and 2016.
1/11: Started work on creating functional search field for the Desk Tracker website.
1/16: Sent out email and co-ordinated group meeting about Desk Tracker future actions.
1/17: Attempted to wrangle PHP for the Circulation/Reference Files pages on the website.
1/18: Meeting with Aileen and Beth to discuss future actions with Desk Tracker, Tableau, visualizations, etc.; worked on Tableau dashboards and merging Excel data.
1/24: Continued to make visualizations of circulation data; created text file on how to merge sheets in Excel.
2/6-2/8: Met with other GAs about how to proceed with Desk Tracker; cleaned up some null values in circ data in conjunction with Tableau.
2/20: Group meeting to determine next steps, who should be doing what, and when to next meet.
2/21: Revised documentation to reflect decisions made in cleaning circulation data.
2/26: Looked over circ/ref reports for any necessary standardization of file names.
3/6: Group meeting to discuss visualization standardization and arranging meeting with Ali.
3/13: Created documentation on how to embed visualizations into the Desk Tracker website.
4/4: Cleaned up visualizations on Tableau Public profile page.
4/5: Demonstrated how to use Pandas/Anaconda to Desk Tracker team; began revising Pandas script for easier data cleaning.
4/9-4/13: Revised Pandas script for cleaning Desk Tracker data.
4/16: Cleaning Desk Tracker data and making a script for cleaning Excel workbooks.
4/18: Cleaned all current Desk Tracker circulation/reference files except for 2016-August22_December31, which is currently spitting out an encoding error.
4/19: Cleaned the 2016-August22_December31 file.
4/23: Re-cleaned and reviewed the redone Desk Tracker files for fall 2014-fall 2017.
4/24: Re-cleaned file for 2017-January1-May13 with Pandas.
4/30: Created updated documentation for decision making while cleaning Desk Tracker files.
5/2: Revised documentation on how to clean Desk Tracker files using Python and Pandas.
5/8-5/9: Revised and updated documentation on Tableau/creating reports to reflect new cleaning methodologies and to maintain clarity/ease of usage by new GAs.
5/24: Met with Ali and Beth to review revised documentation and discuss other tasks to finish for the summer.
5/29: Created singular document for Desk Tracker instructions and emailed it to Ali.
5/31: Updated project workspace page.
7/30: Went over documentation and made minor spell check revisions; updated Desk Tracker website with most up-to-date reference viz.