Videos I’ve enjoyed lately

I was hoping to do something more LIS related, but this might be all I have energy for right now.

  1. Red Letter Media’s Mike Talks About Ghost Adventures. A fascinating look into a genre of TV I rarely watch.
  2. Lindsay Ellis’ two-fer on the Game of Thrones series finale: We Need To Talk About Game of Thrones I Guess and The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes. As someone who bailed after season four, I’m glad I didn’t stick around for the end. Note: I think all together it’s about 90 minutes of video essays.
  3. Brutalmoose’s Old School RuneScape Forever. I always love his video game videos, and his enthusiasm for RuneScape is rather infectious.
  4. Chris Fleming’s Davis II. It’s impossible to describe, but if you like Chris Fleming, there’s no way you won’t like this.
  5. Bill Pump’s YOU TAKE THE MOON AND YOU TAKE THE MOON AND YOU. This – this is one of the few videos I’ve seen over the last week that makes me laugh so hard my gut hurts, and it’s very absurd and really only appeals to Chowder fans, but I hope someone out there enjoys it as much as I do.

Two Videos For The Price Of One

First, a very good (50~ minute) presentation for OCLC about copyright in cultural institutions, primarily the LAM part of GLAM. Very good presentation for anyone interested in the multi-faceted way copyright and related issues like fair use impact our daily work as well as our work with specific communities.


And here is a short original animation based on the video game Kirby Star Allies, because it is adorable and sweet and bright and never fails to cheer me up, even on the darkest, gloomiest days.

Something To Keep The Spirits Up

I honestly think we all need a pick-up after what’s been going on this week (and it’s only Tuesday? Geez-us.) and pretty much the entire year so far. So here are some of my favorite videos that I’ve watched recently (and yes, there is a bit of a theme!).

I hope y’all find some measure of enjoyment from them, and don’t forget to take care of yourself tonight and every night. Love you all! I mean it!

Note: most of the videos have some NSFW audio aside from the first (unless your workplace really hates the historical usage of the word ‘bastard’, in which case yeah, it’s almost all NSFW audio).

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Playing Doctor (Who)

When I was ten years old, all I wanted to be was a scientific adviser. Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

I didn’t exactly know what that meant, but I knew that was the Doctor’s position at UNIT, and the Doctor was always helping UNIT out and saving them from evil aliens, and I loved the Doctor, therefore being a scientific adviser seemed like a perfect job. Who wouldn’t want to be more like their childhood hero?

I grew up watching Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen on BBC America, and I wanted to be the one wearing the scarf, wielding the sonic screwdriver, being smart, always helpful and kind.

And then I grew older and saw that I would never be the scientific adviser, only the assistant, the one passing along the Doctor’s test tubes, as Liz Shaw and the Brigadier would say, and tell him how brilliant he is. And I forgot that being the Doctor would ever be possible.

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I Just Entered The Adventure Zone

For those who haven’t heard of it, it is the Dungeons and Dragons-based podcast run by the McElroy Brothers of My Brother, My Brother and Me fame, only now including their father. It is quite delightful and I would readily recommend it for tabletop/roleplaying fans and MBMBaM fans overall. And you can listen to them on YouTube and iTunes among other sites; the first episode is below!

I had not shared a new favorite in a long time, so I hope people who haven’t found TAZ yet enjoy this first episode of a series that I believe is now 60+ episodes in.