Some News Re: “Did You Leave Any For Me”

For those who pay attention to the “my writing” tab up top on my website, you may have noticed that the rights to “Did You Leave Any For Me”, my first professionally published piece of fiction, have returned to the author aka myself. All of this happened a few weeks ago, but I’ve only now had the time to talk about it publicly. There is now also a note saying that new i.e. digital copies of this short story will no longer be available to purchase.

However, I know that not everything happens as smoothly as we may want, and there might be some vendors out there who haven’t gotten the notice yet. So, if you see the story on a website being sold or just being offered period, and I haven’t announced that I’m having the story republished, please let me know so I can go through the proper channels and have it pulled. At this point, if any vendor is still selling or offering “Did You Leave Any For Me”, I am not profiting from it, and need to know so I can take care of it or have someone else take care of it.

I will say that I would very much like to republish “Did You Leave Any For Me” and write more in that ‘verse, since I saw reviewers enjoyed both the story and the characters of Oliver and Sheridan. I don’t know when this will happen – being in graduate school kind of upsets having concrete plans or free time – but I’d like to come up with something in the next year or so. And I hope people who read the original version of this story will enjoy the relaunched version just as much.

Updates and Belated News

I feel awful since it has been so long since I last updated this blog. However, since the last time I wrote here, I’ve been a full-time student and held down two part-time jobs – one as a student library assistant at my college, another as the Arts & Entertainment editor at my student newspaper, the Current. It has been fulfilling, albeit sometimes frustrating, work, and I love it in ways one can only love a job. So yes, I have been busy!

I have also been blogging at another location, my Blogspot for anime and manga, Nagareboshi Reviews, which is now on an undefined (if not indefinite) hiatus. This means that SLH Writing – this blog – will become the new home for all of my original flash fiction in the Wednesday Briefs series. The next post will be a masterpost of briefs I wrote and posted to Nagareboshi Reviews so readers can see what I’ve already done.

Writing goals for 2016: work on my poetry writing, finish a manuscript to the point that it is good enough for reading by others, be a better editor and journalist at the Current.