Wednesday Briefs: Disassembly Required, Part Six

This week, we’re back in the thick of things with Disassembly Required. In part six of this serial story, Allen finally gets a last name, a crucial object from part one is remembered, and everything goes even more pear-shaped than Beatriz could imagine.

Previously parts of this story can be read starting with part one. For a quick refresher, part five is here.

Disassembly Required, Part Six

Allen shut off her phone. She’d spent the last fifteen or so minutes composing countless angry messages to Beatriz, only to delete them and start over with a blank screen. But in the end, nothing was sent. Her silence still spoke volumes—or so she thought as she angled her way through the conference hall.

Her face burned. Beatriz had completely shut her out of their project, adjusted the machine without her knowledge or consent, and then brushed off her concerns as a manifestation of conference stress. Beatriz had been right from the first time they met, Allen thought. She really did not bring any joy to the world. Allen’s clenched jaw and unspoken torrent of insults were proof of that.

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