Wednesday Briefs: Under A Clear, Dark Sky

Sometimes, the only way to break through a bad spell of writer’s block is to write The Adventure Zone fanfiction. Spoilers only for the conclusion of the first arc in the Balance campaign. Apologies in advance for any errors with D&D lore/worldbuilding, I’m still new to the tabletop roleplay sphere.

Under A Clear, Dark Sky

Your name is [redacted] and your position within the [redacted] is that of a [redacted], which means you are very important and do a lot of traveling throughout the country. You look for objects of great importance, then recover them—and often you do not recover them. Your record so far is zero items recovered. Still, you travel a lot. You enjoy the work. You cut a solitary path through Faerûn and beyond, which suits you just fine. You have known your whole life that there’s no one place you belong.

Your current job has you undercover as a merchant, part of a traveling caravan heading toward a distant market. You’ve received intelligence that the [redacted] will be there, so you brush up on the local dialects and learn the craft of making leather goods as your cover before joining the caravan. It’s  a mixed group of humans, halflings, elves, and dwarves, and the overall atmosphere is rather chill. There’s  a lot of small talk and storytelling around the nightly fires, and there is no shortage of friendly bartering and exchanging tips to pass the time during the day.

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