PAIGI: Math, And How To Know What You Don’t Know

Blog Note: This might not seem completely all together, but I wanted to have this post out before the weekend and I didn’t want a half-finished draft to just disappear from view. I’m dealing with losing the family pet tonight so some things aren’t going to be smoothed out until later. My apologies for that.

This is in response to the Big Think video included below, which is less than four minutes long and is presented by Po-Shen Loh, associate professor of mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University.

Professor Loh starts out by saying, “I think that everyone in the world could be a math person if they wanted to,” which to my ears is a powerful statement. It is a statement that I want to believe in, because I am not a math person. I want to be one, but I currently am not one. And that is a problem.

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