Updates and Belated News

I feel awful since it has been so long since I last updated this blog. However, since the last time I wrote here, I’ve been a full-time student and held down two part-time jobs – one as a student library assistant at my college, another as the Arts & Entertainment editor at my student newspaper, the Current. It has been fulfilling, albeit sometimes frustrating, work, and I love it in ways one can only love a job. So yes, I have been busy!

I have also been blogging at another location, my Blogspot for anime and manga, Nagareboshi Reviews, which is now on an undefined (if not indefinite) hiatus. This means that SLH Writing – this blog – will become the new home for all of my original flash fiction in the Wednesday Briefs series. The next post will be a masterpost of briefs I wrote and posted to Nagareboshi Reviews so readers can see what I’ve already done.

Writing goals for 2016: work on my poetry writing, finish a manuscript to the point that it is good enough for reading by others, be a better editor and journalist at the Current.


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